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Transformed by love but one-eyed Tinker still needs a home of his own.

25 April 2019

14-year-old Tinker was abandoned outside Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre with another cat around the same age named Alley. Both were very frightened, Tinker especially so, and he would hiss and hide away, most likely from the pain of an untreated eye injury.

An extensive unsuccessful search to contact the duo’s original owner meant both needed to be rehomed and after treatment for skin problems Alley has happily settled into his new life but Tinker has needed surgery to remove his eye and a programme of gentle affection and desensitization to enable him to trust once more.

Now, six-weeks after first being left at the centre, the charity’s Cat Care Assistants have rebuilt Tinker’s confidence through cat-led interactions, gentle play and grooming. He has recovered from the surgery to remove his eye and is ready to settle into a quiet, loving home.

Using their knowledge of Tinker’s time in care, the centre staff think a quiet home would suit him best, where he can continue to thrive and feel loved and valued. He is likely to be able to live with older, calm children after a successful introduction at the centre. He would also benefit from a safe garden where he can explore and relax in patches of sunshine.    
Cat Care Assistant Laura Haste has built a strong bond with Tinker, she says: “It’s been a real honour to get to know Tinker and watch as he has transformed from a scared, poorly abandoned older cat into a confident, life-loving, cuddly, purring companion.

 “He is now able to put his best paw forward and enjoy both cwtches and playtime with confidence; despite all that he’s been through, he’s now ready to love and be loved in a new home.  We know there is the perfect person or family out there waiting for him and we can’t wait to hear from them.

 “I’d also like to say a special thank you to players of People’s Postcode Lottery. As a result of their support, which provides funding to centres like ours nationwide, Cat Care Assistants like me are on-hand to ensure cats like Tinker receive the ongoing care and emotional support they need while they get ready to meet their new owners.” 

To find out more about Tinker or any of his fellow cats in care, call Bridgend Adoption Centre on 01656 724 396, visit the centre on Pant Hirwaun in Bryncethin between 11am and 3pm Friday to Tuesday or 11am and 6.30pm on Wednesday, alternatively go online to www.cats.org.uk/Bridgend