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Sponsor Cat Update!

07 May 2018

Daisy and her kittens have kept many cat lovers enthralled over the last few weeks as we followed Daisy from pregnancy to birth, watched her devotedly care for her kittens as they grew from helpless newborns to bundles of fun and energy to finally being weaned. Not surprisingly Daisy and her kittens were adopted very quickly and are now settling into their new lives in their forever homes. To find out more about Daisy and her kittens please click here       

Life at the centre still goes on with an endless number of cats and kittens coming through the doors on their way to finding happier and healthier lives. One such cat is the beautiful Charlotte, a 2 year old un-neutered female who was found wandering lost and alone. She was in poor condition, very thin and had a leg injury, a vet exam and X-ray showed that she had a dislocated hip.

Unfortunately, the hip couldn’t be manipulated into place so she underwent surgery to repair her injury. Charlotte now needs 6 weeks’ cage rest to ensure complete recovery.  She is already much happier in herself and is weight bearing on her leg.  She is gaining weight and loves having fuss and attention, needless to say she is having lots of TLC from our team at the centre and has managed to wrap herself around our hearts.

Charlotte’s procedure cost approx. £450 not including aftercare, we set up a just giving page to help fund her operation, we were really touched by our supporter’s generosity as the total very quickly climbed to £550. Sadly, Charlotte isn’t alone in needing emergency vet care on admittance to our centre, becoming a cat sponsor is a great way of helping Charlotte and other unwanted cats and kittens. To get started please visit www.cats.org.uk/bac     
Alternatively you can make a one off donation at Charlotte's appeal or by texting CPCH75 followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.